If there’s one singular thing my insomnia has been good for these past four weeks, it’s getting our home in order. With the exception of my old office upstairs and the garage (disasters with stuff EVERYWHERE!) and the new studio (which is ready for flooring!) I’m slowly getting almost all caught up on deep cleaning this place and preparing to take a much needed work break this November. They say it doesn’t matter where home is as long as you’re with the ones you love but I’ll fully admit I love how much @andrewbosse and I have loved on our home and made it ours. Happy Saturday from one sleepy weasel to you! (Our couch was a floor model from ArtVan and our coffee table is an old dining room table my parents cut down to size) #hgeliving #thebossepad #paintcolorisstormymonday by heygorgevents

*gets absolutely nothing done* well time for a break


omg, love me.